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We are a family company, dedicated to cleaning homes, offices, construction sites and we help home sellers clean and give the house a great cleaning job so the buyers of the house will be fulfilled with joy when they walk in.

We are a married couple, we have been married for many years with 2 children that have many dreams of prospering in life and fulfilling our goals.

# Why be busy cleaning the house when we can gladly do it for you?

We focus on the details, we cover all the demands of our clients, we love our work to which we dedicate time and demand the best always, also we are always open to contrunstructive criticism so if you have anything that you think we could do better in please let us know.

We are open to pets. Since we have 2 dogs and we understand what life with animals is like and their priorities.

During these 7 years that we have been working we have learned and implemented better cleaning techniques trying to improve day by day and we have an excellent reputation with our clients, they themselves refer us to their family and friends.

We usually use Green products, but we are open to the demands of each of our clients if they want any changes in the products we use.

We provide all the necessary supplies to do our work such as towels, vacuum cleaners, moppers and cleaning products.
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«Silvana and Alex have been cleaning our house for about 5 years now. They are a warm and charming couple who are kind and love to laugh. We appreciate the good, exhuberant energy they bring into our home.

Their work is excellent. They arrive on time, bring all their materials,
and follow instructions. They work quickly and efficiently and our home smells so good when they are done.

They are “pet-friendly” and our dog happily greets them when they arrive They know he has “vacuum cleaner” issues and make sure the vacuuming doesn’t scare him.

I highly recommend “Silvana, the Cleaning Lady”.


Margaret Frest



«My Daughter recommended the Cleaning Lady to me. I had moved to a new home and needed my previous house cleaned before listing the property for sale. The Cleaning Lady scrubbed the house and it looked great! The house was vacant. In addition to cleaning the Cleaning Lady Staff checked on the condition of the inside and outside while it was listed allowing me to relax and not worry about a thing. The sparkling home sold quickly for a great price!»


Pat Pearcy



«I first was began using services of The Cleaning Lady in 2015. Since then I have used their services for housekeeping, home sale prep, office cleaning, painting, exterior maintenance and anything else that comes up. Silvana and Alex have a key to all my properties. The Staff are always watchful of indoor pets and property. The Cleaning Lady Staff are so careful and considerate even my skittish Cats like them! The Cleaning Lady Staff are reliable, responsible, congenial and conscientious. I highly recommend The Cleaning Lady. You will never regret it! «


Carol Larson



«The Cleaning Lady has taken care of our Office for about 6 years. The Staff are very nice! They are always respectful that we are working while they clean. Example: if I’m on the phone, Alex will wait till I am done before he vacuums or does anything with noise. They are very careful not to disturb our work spaces. The only sign The Cleaning Lady has been in is the Office is clean, even our staff shared microwave, and comfortable.»


Barb M


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